Photojournalism : Extinction Rebellion at the Cambridge Union

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On Wednesday 1st May 2019 the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency,  Andrew Wheeler, came to Cambridge to deliver a talk at the Cambridge Union. Naturally, this was met with some resistance by climate change activists who sought to interrupt his address to the union by drowning out his speech from outside the building with makeshift musical instruments such as pots and pans. When the time came for Mr Wheeler to leave the premises, the activists proceeded to obstruct his vehichle’s only possible exit meaning that he had no way of leaving. Below are the photographs I took as these events unfolded.

2019-05-01 07.23.43 1.jpg
XR activists stood outside the Cambridge Union as Wheeler’s talk went on and made as much noise as possible, reports from inside the building confirmed that their message was loud and clear.
2019-05-01 08.56.35 3.jpg
Members of Wheeler’s private security firm opened the gates only to be met by XR activists who refused to move out of the way.
2019-05-01 08.56.35 1.jpg
Wheeler’s team were faced with a serious problem, as the venue’s only exit was blocked by people who had no plans of vacating their positions.
2019-05-01 08.56.30 1.jpg
With no other options, Mr Wheeler was forced to remain in his car and wait out the storm.
2019-05-01 07.45.15 1.jpg
Growing stress among Wheeler’s private security team was evident as the situation unfolded.
2019-05-01 08.56.28 2.jpg
Some activists chose to calmly sit down on the road in front of the gate, ensuring that Mr Wheeler’s vehicle could not leave the premises.
2019-05-01 08.56.32 1.jpg
Neither side were willing to budge.
2019-05-01 08.56.31 1.jpg
There was a heavy security presence during and after Mr Wheeler’s talk at the Union.

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