I had the privilege of visiting the cities of Fez, Chefchaouen, and Rabbat in Morocco during the summer of 2018. Below is a collection of images taken by me depicting the many faces of this beautiful country.

When I’m taking photographs in a foreign city I try my hardest to be invisible. I am a stranger in this land, as such it is not my job to disturb the natural order of things, but rather simply observe and capture.


2018-07-13 03.16.26 2.jpg
A man carries dozens of water bottles he has collected for recycling in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-07-13 03.16.42 2.jpg
A man prepares his fishing net aboard his boat in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-07-13 03.16.25 3.jpg
A construction worker chips away at a wall in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-07-13 03.16.29 2.jpg
A metalworker concentrates as sparks fly from his welding tool in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-07-13 03.16.25 1.jpg
A construction worker is partially shielded from the midday sun as he carries out his work in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-07-13 03.16.24 1.jpg
An elderly man makes his way down the steps upon hearing the call to prayer in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-06-29 10.26.17 2.jpg
A pair of metalworkers concentrate on the copper pots on which they are working in Fez, Morocco.
2018-06-29 10.26.15 1.jpg
A man talks to a shopkeeper in Fez, Morocco.
2018-06-28 10.28.38 1.jpg
Two men talk at an intersection as the sun sets over Fez, Morocco.
2018-06-28 06.31.31 1.jpg
A man prepares to lead prayers at a masjid in Fez, Morocco.
2018-06-29 10.26.19 2.jpg
Two men walk down a narrow backstreet in Fez, Morocco.
2018-06-29 10.26.22 1.jpg
As it approaches midday, a shopkeeper sits peacefully in Fez, Morocco.
2018-07-05 03.23.23 1.jpg
From the shadows, a man looks on at a busy street in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-06-28 10.28.39 1.jpg
A man sits in the outdoor seating area of a cafe in Fez, Morocco.
2018-07-05 03.23.26 1.jpg
A metalworker pauses his work in Fez, Morocco.
2018-07-05 03.23.14 1.jpg
A man sits and smokes in a doorway whilst making a phone call in Fez, Morocco.
2018-06-28 06.31.45 1.jpg
A man stands in the shade, looking on to the courtyard of a masjid in Fez, Morocco.
2018-07-05 03.23.22 2.jpg
A man practises calligraphy in the entrance to his shop in Fez, Morocco.
2018-07-05 03.23.18 2.jpg
A moment of rest during a busy day of trading for a man in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-07-05 03.23.13 1.jpg
A man mounts his scooter outside a hardware store in Rabbat, Morocco.
2018-06-29 10.26.14 1.jpg
Basked in shadows, a man sells traditional Moroccan food in Fez, Morocco.

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