In this post I want to establish and reinforce the idea that the location of your shoot is not as influential as it may seem in determining the quality of the final product. Below are a series of portraits shot in various spots in my local area.

2017-12-09 01.17.24 1.jpg
For this image I got the subject to sit in front of a large spiky plant as I liked the colours of the leaves and the shadows they cast on each other.
2017-12-09 05.05.12 2.jpg
For this photo I sat him beneath the spiky plant to emphasise the shadows and leaves as well as the red tones of the bricks.
2017-12-09 12.42.46 1.jpg
For this image I located a garage door with peeling paint and utilised a dying plant in the foreground to create a rustic effect reminiscent of the American old west.
2017-12-09 01.35.36 1.jpg
Here I utilised the the harsh sunlight and the shadows produced by a plants’ leaves to create a cool effect on the model’s face and body.

2017-12-09 12.43.06 1.jpg

2017-12-09 02.24.18 1.jpg


Big thanks to Mahdin for appearing in these images.

2 Replies to “On Locations…”

  1. You are incredibly talented and I’m looking forwards to seeing you make a successful business out of this art, or at least archive an abundance of photos for the world to enjoy! Did you take these using the 50mm? Are they post editing or raw shots?

    Keep up the amazing work Hassan ^_^


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