Constantinople, one thousand years on…

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Constantinople, hailed as the city where East meets West, was once the jewel in the crown that was the Byzantine Empire.

Below are a collection of images taken during my trip to this magnificent city.

2017-08-15 06.46.41 1.jpg
As the sun rises over Istanbul’s old city, the Blue Mosque’s striking dome and minarets cast silhouettes against the morning sky.
2017-08-15 06.46.35 1.jpg
The city’s mountainous landscape is lined with buildings which seem to be stacked above one another.
2017-08-15 08.59.10 1.jpg
Istanbul is dominated by a blend of old and new, rustic gems such as these can be found all over the city.
2017-08-17 04.15.18 1.jpg
Six years after his conquest of the Byzantine capital, Mehmet the Conqueror ordered the construction of the Topkapi Palace to serve as a residence and administrative headquarters of the Ottoman Sultans in the fifteenth century.
2017-08-17 01.41.56 2.jpg
A chandelier hangs low in a small mosque which forms part of the Topkapi Palace.
2017-08-15 08.59.02 1.jpg
Considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture, the Church of Holy Wisdom now serves as a museum having been used as both an Eastern Orthodox cathedral as well as an Imperial Mosque.
2017-08-15 01.31.08 1.jpg
Some of the many pillars which surround the courtyard of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul.
2017-08-16 01.50.33 1.jpg
The interior of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, commonly referred to as the Blue Mosque.
2017-08-16 06.44.12 1.jpg
Freshly-made fish sandwiches are prepared on boats at the mouth of the Golden Horn, Istanbul.
2017-08-15 03-1.30.46 1.jpg
One of Istanbul’s many stray dogs lays down for an afternoon nap in the Blue Mosque.

4 Replies to “Constantinople, one thousand years on…”

  1. Such beauty & detail captured in all these magical & sacred moments I love your unique take on this wonderful place Hassan & how well you have captured Istanbul’s Grand & Rustic Majesty & timeless splendour… Truly magnificent. Always be blessed & keep following your passion & path in life, Ameen.


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